7 Tips to Ensure Healthy Nails While Using Gel Polish

Gel polish is one of the most beautiful manicures a woman can ever have. Though some women prefer traditional acrylic paint, and some go for the modern dipping powder manicures, nothing can beat the gel manicure. They can be long-lasting and beautiful. Simultaneously, they can also be tough on the nails because gel polish manicures cause brittleness, peeling and cracking. Using gel polish repeatedly increases your exposure to UV light. Thus, there is an imminent risk of skin cancer and premature aging. The best solution is to keep your nails healthy. The reputed dermatologists recommend that every woman should follow the tips listed below to get healthy nails.

7 Tips to Ensure Healthy Nails While Using Gel Polish

Tip No 1 – Always insist on using high-quality products

Various cheap nail polish products are available on the market. They do more harm than good because of the toxic ingredients they contain. It is always better to opt for quality products like gel gelixir. These products can be expensive initially, but they take good care of your nails. There should be no compromise on health issues.

Tip No 2 – Be proactive with the nail salon technician

The nail salon is the perfect place to get an excellent manicure. You have thorough professionals working on your nails. However, it is advisable to be proactive with them. You can look at the sanitary practices they follow. It is better to confirm beforehand whether they use sterilized tools. It is an excellent idea to do your manicure at home if you are good at it.

Tip No 3 – If you are allergic to gel polish, there is no harm in going for the traditional paint job

Gel polish manicures require acetone for removal. Many women are allergic to acetone. Therefore, such people should forgo gel polish and opt for the traditional paint job.

Tip No 4 – Wearing sunscreen on your skin is an excellent remedial option

Gelixir nail polish requires curing under a UV lamp for a few minutes. It allows the polish to dry and set in comfortably. However, exposing your skin to UV rays can be harmful, even for a few minutes. Exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer and other skin diseases. The remedy is to apply a water-resistant and broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 30 or higher on your skin. It prevents the skin from being exposed to UV rays. A suitable alternative is to wear dark, opaque gloves with the fingertips snipped off. This arrangement will also protect your skin.

Tip No 5 – Refrain from picking at your nail polish

Gel polish can last comfortably for three to four weeks. As the natural nail grows, you can experience the nail polish lifting at the edges. Though it can be tempting to pick at the edges, you should avoid it. You might damage your nail bed, and it can take a long time to heal. The best way out is to approach your nail manicurist and go for a proper removal procedure.

Tip No 6 – Soaking your fingertips in acetone should be sufficient for removing gel polish

Acetone is the most commonly used nail polish removing solution. One should soak their Gelixir gel nails in acetone for at least 25 minutes to ensure their removal. Many women tend to soak their entire hands into acetone. It is not at all advisable to do so because acetone can dehydrate the skin. The ideal solution is to dip your fingertips in acetone. A better remedy is to soak cotton balls in acetone and place them over the nails. You can wrap aluminum foil over the fingernails to secure the cotton balls. It ensures that your skin does not expose to acetone. Though dermatologists recommend soaking for 15 minutes, it is better to extend it to 25 minutes because the soaking time depends on the polish layer’s thickness. On removing the cotton balls after 25 minutes, the nail polish should slide off comfortably.

Tip No 7 – It is advisable to take a nail polish holiday regularly

After the removal procedure, you might find your nails become a bit sore. It is generally due to dehydration. You can apply cuticle oil or other massaging creams to replenish the lost moisture. A better solution is to take a nail polish holiday for a week. The nail will recuperate naturally.

You can keep massaging your nails with petroleum jelly to maintain the moisture levels. It prevents your nails from chipping and breaking.

Final Thoughts

It is in your hands to make your nails look beautiful. Following the tips recommended above can help you maintain your nail’s natural beauty and make you stand apart from the crowd. You can have a fantastic gel manicure and show it off on Instagram or Pinterest. Taking adequate care of your nails can make the gelixir colors shine even better.