How to Use Gelixir Soak off Nail Polish?

Which is the best nail polish in the global market? The answer is the simplest truth. One that is of good quality, affordable and fun. The only nail polish that matches all the criteria is Gelixir soak off colors. Available in over 180 shades, it just gives you the best nail finish. It makes the application fun and smooth. It is the perfect nail lacquer that will give you the nails you’ve been dreaming about. Let us look at all of its advantages one by one.

How to Use Gelixir Soak off Nail Polish?

Why buy Gelixir soak off nail polish?

The Gelixir nail polish is classy and gives you the instant fancy look. The Gelixir nail polish has an environmentally friendly composition that doesn’t harm the nails or the skin.

It is cost efficient. It is available at the best and cheapest price for such quality. For 6 dollars, you get a complementary lacquer and gel duo. You can also buy already set matching nails for salon look.

The best thing about the nail polish is that you can soak it away very easily. It means, no more damaged or broken nails and cuticles. You need not use sharp tools to remove it. Simply soaking it off, will do the trick, helping your nail stay clean, away from possible infections. From now on, you can handle your nails gently, without subjecting it to rough usage.

The product is available at several shades, each perfectly suitable for all special occasions. You can rock all the time using Gelixir nail polish. You can mix and match different shades. These shades are vibrant and delicate. If you’re in office settings, you can choose nude shades that look professional. There are plenty of nude shades that match different skin colors.

Some of the nude shades are #007 baby pink and #009 peach. The playful shades include #017 deep cerise and #012 bitter sweet. You can also add a fun tinge of periwinkle, to make it look fancy. It offers a great range for exploration, for beginners and can match your vibe. Play as you like for this fun summer. Gelixir is also a great gifting option for your friends, who love cosmetic products.

How do I use it?

For beginners

Try to apply a thin coat of Gelixir color nail polish of your choice over the entire nail, applying it over the edge carefully.

Let the nail polish dry for some time. You can speed up the process by blowing over the nails gently through your mouth.

Gelixir colors should be carefully applied all over the first thin base coat. Apply another coat, if you think the color is not thick enough.

Dry off each coat under UV light very carefully for 3 minutes. Secondly, dry it under LED light for 30 seconds. Be careful during this step. Make sure the radiation does not fall on your skin continuously for a long time.

Soak-off gel is very easy to use. Nail Polish Gel removal process is as simple as using the nail polish chemical acetone. There is no need to use cotton balls. If there are any residual left, gently wipe it off using a make-up wipe (or baby wipe, if you don’t have a make-up removal wipe)

The white colored bottle in the pack is the Gelixir gel polish and it requires an UV light machine to dry. The transparent clear bottle in the pack that shows the polish color is the regular nail color, you paint your nails with.

For Professionals

If you’re a professional who has taken a liking towards Gelixir nail polish, congratulations. You’re on the right track. You can expect several new customers and your regulars coming back for Gelixir nail polish to your salon. How to please your customer? Gelixir does most of the work for you. However, as a professional, try out these additional steps to impress your customer.

Apply 2 coats instead of one Gelixir color, over the nail to provide even coverage. You can cap the free edge with the ending part of bristles for a complete finish.

Gelixir must be applied over the base coat at least twice. Use an air blower to create texture while working on nail art. You can also use other nail art tools with Gelixir nail polish. It has about 30 seconds of mixing time and 20 seconds of full spread.

Dry each coat under equal intervals of 1.30 minutes to get perfect finish. Place the freshly painted nails under LED light until you get the glossy finish. When done, it should take about 20seconds.


Now you know all of Gelixir wonderful properties. Go grab your favorite colors from our trusted store. It’s also can be bought from online stores, owing to the pandemic situation. Stay home, stay safe. And enjoy with Gelixir nail polishes.