What Are Acrylic Powder Nails, and How to Apply Them?

Acrylic nail manicures are not new because women have been using acrylic for many decades. The prime reason people prefer acrylic nails is that it takes the manicure to the next refined level. While acrylic nails are popular, not many people know what powder acrylic is and how to apply acrylic powder at home. This article dwells on these aspects and discusses acrylic nails in detail. Finally, we shall also see the positives and negatives of acrylic powder manicures to form a balanced opinion.

Acrylic Powder – What is it?

What Are Acrylic Powder Nails, and How to Apply Them?

Powder acrylic is a combination of polymer (in powder form) with a liquid monomer. As a result, it takes a dough-like appearance that makes the natural nails look stronger, thicker, and longer when applied over them.

The acrylic powder is available in varying degrees of thickness ranging between 25 and 125 microns, depending on your preferences.

The best aspect of acrylic powder is that it does not have any lumps or undissolved particles if you have a nice, cohesive blend. However, you should note that acrylic powder with bigger particles needs more work to achieve a fine manicure.

While getting acrylic nails done by a nail salon expert is better, you can master the technique with practice. So let us now look at the powder acrylic manicure procedure in brief.

The Acrylic Powder Manicure

Before you start the manicure, it is essential to keep the acrylic powder set handy. It saves you much trouble if you have to search for things at the most inopportune moments.

The prepping of your nails is crucial for every manicure. First, you should remove traces of existing nail polish from your nails. It is advisable to use an acetone-based nail polish remover to get the best results. Secondly, you should consult a nail expert to examine whether your natural nails can handle an acrylic manicure. Finally, you might have to work on your nails to restore them to an optimal state if they are weak and brittle.

It is critical to decide whether you wish to go for nail tips or natural nails because nail tips require you to have a couple of additional procedures before starting with powder acrylic.

Once you remove the existing shine on the nail plate, you can apply the bond and primer. The bond and primer application prevent the nail manicure from lifting.

Then you must choose your acrylic combination between glitter, mood effects, and glow acrylic. You can also blend different combinations to get a stunning and trendy nail appearance.

On choosing your combo from the acrylic powder set, you should roll the bottle properly to disperse the powder properly.

The next part is the dipping of the brush into the monomer. Again, you should ensure that the liquid is at the brush’s ends before you lie it gently on the powder acrylic surface you have chosen. Besides, the amount of powder on the brush should be sufficient for one single application.

It is advisable to start at the nail’s base and move towards the free end. One should spread and tap the powder acrylic gently to ensure better retention. It can reduce the number of fillings subsequently.

You can dry the application under a fan or use a hairdryer. First, tap your nails to get a clicking sound. It indicates that the application is entirely dry. If required, you can use a UV lamp for quicker drying.

Finally, you have to apply a topcoat layer to complete the acrylic nail manicure.

The acrylic manicure can last comfortably for more than three to four weeks. Meanwhile, here are the benefits and drawbacks of the powder acrylic manicure.

Benefits of Acrylic Nails

The acrylic nails look more attractive than natural nails because they have the same length and shape, depending on your personal choice.

Acrylic nails are the most durable of all manicures. The nails do not crack. Besides, you can have different decorations on your nails to enhance the attraction quotient.

While UV lamps can quicken the drying process, it is not compulsory to use them. If you cure the nails properly and follow the right procedure, acrylic nails can last even for six to eight weeks.

The Drawbacks of Acrylic Manicures

While acrylic manicures are attractive, they require constant maintenance. Besides, acrylic nail kit can be expensive.

While DIY acrylic sets are available, it is advisable to approach a nail salon to get a professional-looking manicure. If you handle acrylic nail manicures poorly, you can damage your nails, resulting in nail infections.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed how to get a powder acrylic manicure. These manicures can last comfortably long if you follow the procedures carefully. Mixing the polymer and the monomer is crucial because an incorrect mix can result in a bad manicure.