How Exactly Do You Think about DND Gel Color Nail Polish?

Unlike changing your hairstyle, makeup, “renovating” your wardrobe or getting a new tattoo, the nail manicure is one of the few beauty treatments that can be easily done, easy to change without spending too much effort or money. You can freely change the nail color, nail style monthly or even weekly. Nail art has many types and they are extremely diverse, the higher the beauty needs of people, the more improved methods are required, which means that the product quality must be better and better.

How Exactly Do You Think about DND Gel Color Nail Polish?

Among nail techniques, gel nails have not shown any signs of cooling down in recent years. Especially DND gel nails, with the outstanding advantages of DND nail polish colors, it can be the best gel polish in the year! You will surely be satisfied and absolutely love it. So How exactly do you think about DND gel color nail polish and the most popular nail manicure in 2021?

The Most Popular Nail Manicure in 2021!

Promoted by Hollywood’s hottest actresses and models, gel nails have been storming since the second half of 2019 and have not shown any signs of stopping hot, the nails are made with gel nail polish colors still has no intention of cooling down and is “wandering” to occupy the spotlight in 2021 or even next year. This trend is loved by so many celebrities in Hollywood, but it is also quickly hunted by beauty lovers all over the world. So, what is nail gel and what did DND gel polish do to please girls?

What Is Gel Nail?

Gel nail polish is a paint made from Monomer and Polymer, it exists in liquid crystals and has a jelly-like appearance. Gel nail polish is denser than regular nail polish, it is thicker and gives more shine, when using gel nail polish to apply on the nails, it will create a very beautiful and smooth effect. This type of paint needs to be dried by a specialized LED or UV lamp instead of letting it dry naturally in the air like conventional nail polishes. The steps to make gel polish are not too complicated but require adequate preparation of tools and good nail polish techniques.

The advantage of gel nail polish is its beautiful, diverse, and highly durable colors, so it limits the number of times of painting as well as the time to fix peeling and peeling nails because it has very high adhesion and durability. However, because it must be dried with a UV lamp, it can be harmful to the skin if done continuously and often. In addition, this coating is extremely strong, so the process of washing or breaking the gel can affect the aesthetics and health of real nails. To get rid of the worries of removing gel polish, you need to choose the best gel polish and DND polish is the right choice!

How Do You Think about DND Gel Color Nail Polish

DND gel color nail polish is a high-class gel polish with a price, which is suitable for almost all customers. DND company launched a product line, which is like a savior for girls with weak nails, easily broken and damaged. DND gel nails help girls be more confident because during wearing, their nails are still regenerated and nourished. This gel nail polish does not have an unpleasant smell, in addition, its composition includes carefully selected gel nail forming factors, in addition to nutrients that help nourish the structural cells. nail.

DND gel polish allows consumer nails to last as little as 14 days and as long as 1 month with proper care and no direct contact with chemicals! Your nails will always be shiny – like new without peeling or yellowing after removing. Best of all for DND gel nails, the removal process will take place extremely easily without harming your real nails, it is an easy to soak off gel nail polish, just soak hands in Acetone solution For about 15 minutes, the gel paint has come off gently, if after that there are still a few small patches of paint on your nails, you just need to soak acetone in a cotton and then cover that finger and then gently wipe it or you can You can use a nail drill and gently remove any remaining gel polish.

Most especially, DND gel colors collection has an extremely rich collection of gel polish colors with more than 300 different colors. Customers can freely choose and mix and match them to create unique nail designs.

Final Thought

Using gel polish has really exploded in recent years, so what’s your opinion? What do you think of gel nail polish? Let us know what you think in the comments section and try out DND gel nail polish if you are a gel nail fan.