Popular Nail Supplies in 2021

You don’t necessarily need to own a salon before having the best nail supplies gadget in your home. Instead of spending a tremendous amount of money on beautifying yourself, OPI nail supplies entail necessary items that make you look classy while you remain indoors.

A quality nail product will have little or no reaction on your skin while maintaining its effectiveness. This supply gadget contains OPI gel color with essential tools that are easy to use with no hurdle. Some basic nail supplies to have at home in 2021 include:

Popular Nail Supplies

Nail file kit

Nail file kit

If you want to file your nails at home, choose the one with high grit of about 300-600. Some expert advice against using grit between 80-100 for hand to avoid tear or injury. Grit within the 80-100 range is for acrylic polish products.

The nail file in OPI supplies is available in different segments to select the one suitable for your fingers.  Some have asked questions like, can I cut my nails instead of using a file. Well, cutting the nail is adequate, but a file helps project better shape and reduces the size of the nail.

For beginners that don’t know how to use this item, seek appropriate guidance to avoid damage risk to your fingers. Likewise, after every operation, it is advisable to clean your tool appropriately to avoid the spread of microbes.

Cuticle exfoliator

Cuticle exfoliator

After applying the product, if you experience any dry or overgrown nails, a cuticle exfoliator is available for manicure services with no pain or cutting. In addition, with the right cuticle exfoliator, you don’t need to worry about clips or stiff nails.

Nail experts have the advice to make necessary inquiries about gel or acrylic products before you use them. Furthermore, if you would like to remove your fixed nail after application, it is advisable to use a cuticle remover to avoid injury to your finger. These products soften the nail layer and make it easy to remove the product with no hurdle.

Using a quality product like OPI gel color during beautification makes your fingers look healthy and attractive. When using cuticle remover, avoid leaving it too long as it might dry. When the product is stiff, it is difficult to push back the cuticle,  causing damage to the nail tissue.

Reusable nail form

Reusable nail form

Nail form is a crucial at-home nail supply for gel or acrylic nails polish. The function of this item is to serve as a base for the OPI colors you intend to apply, thereby extending the nail to a considerable length and shape.

You can get this tool at a considerable price when ordering your OPI nail supplies. Reusable nail forms make it easy for the nail to extend without any difficulty. It is like stickers that help to secure the finger by being glued to the nail top.

Sable brush

Sable brush

In order not to mess with the paint, it is best to use a good sable brush. This item is elastic, long, soft, and pointed to help absorb and shape your painting after applying the nail product. It is available in different categories depending on your preference.

When you have your sable brush with you, it would be easier to use different colors of nail products to beautify yourself but note that you need to know how to combine colors that would ideally suit your skin and outfit.

Some believe that a sable brush is expensive. Well, compared to its effectiveness, it is cheap. OPI nail supplies have a sable brush that can be dispatched to your doorstep in a short duration.

Is it necessary to have nail supplies at home?

Instead of going to the salon periodically to beautify yourself, why don’t you get any of the above nail supply gadgets and make yourself look classy within your home? Interestingly, you can try new product designs or be innovative with different color combinations before getting used to them.

OPI has both supplies and products that you can enjoy while at home. Furthermore, they can be at your doorstep depending on your preference. These gadgets are easy to use as they come in packages to enable the user to identify each item’s specific function.


The gadget above is a few among numerous popular nail supplies OPI offer. Unlike other brands where clients might experience difficulty using their product, OPI nail supplies are available in different packages to select which best suits your want. Interestingly, you do not need to break the bank before owning any of the above items or more.

As explained above, some products like a cuticle exfoliator might require a degree of expertise to avoid damage to the finger. If you notice any irregularities, reach out to a dermatologist for appropriate guidance.