NuGenesis Dipping Powder – Designs That Can Turn Heads

With social media becoming the in-thing today, dip powder nail images are ruling the roost on the internet. Of late, it has become more popular than the gel polish because of its specific inherent advantages.

  • Dip powder manicures last much longer than gel nail polish.
  • They have a beautiful matte finish, much unlike the glossy gel polish jobs.
  • Dip powder does not entail exposure to UV radiation.
  • A range of dip powder color combinations is available.
  • Excellent products like NuGenesis dipping powder make your nails more beautiful than they have ever been before.
  • Removing dip powder polish is a comfortable procedure.

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In this blog, we shall discuss a couple of dip powder designs that can turn heads because of the sheer beauty of your nails. However, we shall go through the process in brief before comparing some exotic designs.

The Dip Powder Procedure

  • Clean your nails using sanitizers and soap.
  • Prepare your nails by using a sterilized nail file to smooth out the sharp edges.
  • Use a sterilized cuticle pusher to push the cuticles out of harm’s way.
  • Apply a good quality base coat to the nail.
  • Dip your nail in NuGenesis nails and ensure to cover the entire nail.
  • Dust off the excess powder using a gentle brush.
  • Repeat the entire procedure to get a good coating.
  • Carry on with the same procedure for all your fingers.
  • Apply a topcoat using a delicate brush.
  • Draw any design you like so that it stands out.
  • The topcoat dries within minutes of applying.
  • Your nail manicure is over. Enjoy these beautiful designs and show them off on Instagram and Pinterest.

Some designs that you can love to have

Here are some dip powder manicure designs that look trendy.

Alternating between red and blue

Alternating between red and blue

Though many women prefer to have the same colors and designs on all their nails, one can experiment by alternating contrasting colors like blue and red. The advantage of dipping powder jobs is that it offers excellent opportunities to experiment with a dazzling spectrum of colors.

Highlight your ring finger to look different from the rest

Highlight your ring finger to look different from the rest

Have a different shade on your ring finger as if inviting your fiancé to look at it and remind him of proposing to you with a diamond ring. The benefit of the distinctive color shade is that it lets the ring finger stand out from the rest to force people to pay more attention to it than they would typically do. There could not be a better design to have if you are expecting to get engaged soon.

Almond nails can make a forceful statement

Almond nails can make a forceful statement

If you like to make a forceful statement, there should not be a better option than the almond nail finish. Having a contrasting color choice can enhance your nails’ intrinsic beauty and take it to the next level. The best aspect of using NuGenesis dip nails is that you can dare to experiment with an astounding array of colors.

We have seen three beautiful nail designs that should make heads turn, whereby you become the center of attraction wherever you go. You can display your nails proudly on social media and charm everyone with your bold experiments.

Let us now discuss how to remove dip powder polish. It is one of the prime reasons why it is more popular than acrylic nail manicures.

The Dip Powder Removal Procedure

Generally, a dip powder job lasts for three weeks. It does not require much maintenance. Here is the dip powder removal procedure in brief.

  • If you are attempting a DIY job, it is advisable to take one hand at a time.
  • Use a sterilized nail file to chip away at the topcoat gently until it falls off. Do not be harsh on your nails, or you might end up with chapped nails that can look uninviting.
  • Dip a cotton ball in acetone and place it over the nail to cover it entirely.
  • If you have an aluminum foil, you can wrap it around the nail to keep the acetone-soaked cotton ball in its place.
  • Repeat the procedure for the remaining four fingers.
  • Wait for 20 minutes and remove the wrapping and the cotton ball.
  • The dip powder should fall off automatically.
  • If it does not do so, repeat the procedure for some more time, but never scrape the powder away and damage your nails.
  • Clean your hands with soap and sanitizer.
  • Use the same procedure for the other hand.
  • Your dip powder removal is over.


Dipping powder is one of the best inventions to revolutionize the way you beautify your nails. Use high-quality products to get the most beautiful nails in town. Follow us to get your nail supplies online.