• Cute Nail Designs Ideas for Father’s Day Celebrations

    The father plays a crucial role in a woman’s life because he acts as a protective figure all the time. He provides the proper support whenever needed. He gives financial help to fund her education and other needs in her teenage years. As she enters her married life, her husband and children become essential. But, the father does not lose his importance because he is always there to provide unstinted support whenever she needs it.

    The best aspect of the father is that the daughter does not have to ask for any help. She can take it for granted from her father. So, such a supportive figure deserves his moments of recognition. Father’s day is ideal for the daughter to show her love for her father. Let us look at some exciting OPI nail designs the daughter can have to show her father that she cares for him all the time.

    Exciting Nail Designs for Father’s Day

    Be simple and sweet

    Be simple and sweet

    Father’s Day is not even a month away. So, you can start preparing for the day by having the most straightforward nail art design to make his day special. The most straightforward design would be the I Love You Dad message on the nails. You can go for a simple white background and have the I Love You Dad design on one of your nails. The heart symbol should be perfect for showing your love and admiration for the man who plays a silent and inspiring role in your life.

  • Gel Nail Polish Vs Regular Nail Polish: Which One Should You Use?

    Nail polish has been around for a long time and it is one of the oldest beauty tools. This article will compare regular nail polish to gel nail polish, so you can decide which one is right for your needs.

    Gel Nail Polish Vs Regular Nail Polish: Which One Should You Use?

    Regular Nail Polish

    If you have never tried regular nail polishes before, they are quite easy to apply. You just need to make sure that your nails are clean and dry before applying the color coat and then add a top coat as well. Regular nail polishes last about three days with minor chips in them but if you want them to stay on longer than that, then use a base or primer coat underneath it first (which not all brands offer).


    Gel manicures are perfect for those who always seem to get their nails done just in time without the fear of chipping. Gel polishes are cured under ultraviolet or LED lamps, which means that once applied, your nails will be completely dry and won’t require any drying time. The color coat is then applied and cured under the lamp as well and finally, a topcoat is applied. Gel manicures are known for their longevity and chip-free features. Especially brands like Kiara Sky gel nails provide you with amazing and high-quality products that can save you a lot of money.

  • What Are Acrylic Powder Nails, and How to Apply Them?

    Acrylic nail manicures are not new because women have been using acrylic for many decades. The prime reason people prefer acrylic nails is that it takes the manicure to the next refined level. While acrylic nails are popular, not many people know what powder acrylic is and how to apply acrylic powder at home. This article dwells on these aspects and discusses acrylic nails in detail. Finally, we shall also see the positives and negatives of acrylic powder manicures to form a balanced opinion.

    Acrylic Powder – What is it?

    What Are Acrylic Powder Nails, and How to Apply Them?

    Powder acrylic is a combination of polymer (in powder form) with a liquid monomer. As a result, it takes a dough-like appearance that makes the natural nails look stronger, thicker, and longer when applied over them.

    The acrylic powder is available in varying degrees of thickness ranging between 25 and 125 microns, depending on your preferences.

  • How Exactly Do You Think about DND Gel Color Nail Polish?

    Unlike changing your hairstyle, makeup, “renovating” your wardrobe or getting a new tattoo, the nail manicure is one of the few beauty treatments that can be easily done, easy to change without spending too much effort or money. You can freely change the nail color, nail style monthly or even weekly. Nail art has many types and they are extremely diverse, the higher the beauty needs of people, the more improved methods are required, which means that the product quality must be better and better.

    How Exactly Do You Think about DND Gel Color Nail Polish?

    Among nail techniques, gel nails have not shown any signs of cooling down in recent years. Especially DND gel nails, with the outstanding advantages of DND nail polish colors, it can be the best gel polish in the year! You will surely be satisfied and absolutely love it. So How exactly do you think about DND gel color nail polish and the most popular nail manicure in 2021?

    The Most Popular Nail Manicure in 2021!

    Promoted by Hollywood’s hottest actresses and models, gel nails have been storming since the second half of 2019 and have not shown any signs of stopping hot, the nails are made with gel nail polish colors still has no intention of cooling down and is “wandering” to occupy the spotlight in 2021 or even next year. This trend is loved by so many celebrities in Hollywood, but it is also quickly hunted by beauty lovers all over the world. So, what is nail gel and what did DND gel polish do to please girls?

  • Skin Cleansing and Clarifying Tips for African American Skin Type

    Skin cleansing is difficult especially when you are from a complicated skin type like the African American type. People having this type of skin normally reside in the regions where the weather, the atmosphere and sun is a bit harsh than the other continents. The work life routine is also hectic and people do not pay much attention to their skin care routine. This is the reason that African American skin types are getting rough, dull and dry day by day. But do not worry. Here are some of the best skin cleansing and clarifying tips for African American skin types that you can follow to gain back the beauty and smoothness of skin.

    Skin Cleansing and Clarifying Tips for African American Skin Type

    What makes African American skin type unique

    The African American skin types are unique in their nature because of extra melanin pigments in the skin cells. This melanin makes the skin much darker than others. There are few advantages and disadvantages of this excessive production of melanin. It prevents the skin from harsh sun rays. That is why dark people do not feel burning in direct exposure to the sun. But on the other hand, excessive melanin causes pigmentation and oily skin problems.

    Get the glowing skin you always wanted to have

    You can get glowing skin by a proper skin care routine on a daily basis. First of all, wash your skin daily with a good quality soap for African American skin and get the glowing skin you have always wanted. It will remove the excessive dirt and oil from the skin and give you a fresh feeling. Must wash your face before going to bed and after coming back from outside. Before bedtime, if you clean your skin, it will allow the skin to heal and grow overnight. This is because when you come back from outside, there is a thick layer of dirt that needs to be washed. Removing it out gives you a natural vibrance and glow.

  • Popular Nail Supplies in 2021

    You don’t necessarily need to own a salon before having the best nail supplies gadget in your home. Instead of spending a tremendous amount of money on beautifying yourself, OPI nail supplies entail necessary items that make you look classy while you remain indoors.

    A quality nail product will have little or no reaction on your skin while maintaining its effectiveness. This supply gadget contains OPI gel color with essential tools that are easy to use with no hurdle. Some basic nail supplies to have at home in 2021 include:

    Popular Nail Supplies

    Nail file kit

    Nail file kit

    If you want to file your nails at home, choose the one with high grit of about 300-600. Some expert advice against using grit between 80-100 for hand to avoid tear or injury. Grit within the 80-100 range is for acrylic polish products.

    The nail file in OPI supplies is available in different segments to select the one suitable for your fingers.  Some have asked questions like, can I cut my nails instead of using a file. Well, cutting the nail is adequate, but a file helps project better shape and reduces the size of the nail.

  • Trendiest Nail Color Ideas for 2021

    The bright and beautiful summer season is here, and it’s time to level up your beauty game with new and happening nail polish hues that you need to add to your shopping cart. Some of the colors, such as red, brown, and nude, are currently favorites among the people.

    Trendiest Nail Color Ideas for 2021

    However, there are a few surprising colors that seem to be getting popular this year. Vibrant hues like yellow, green, and metallic bronze, for example, will elevate your nail performance to new heights. Prepare to get a lot of praises, no matter how you apply these polish hues.

    Trendiest Nail Color

    Simple Sheer

    Simple Sheer

    Understanding why sheer nail paints are gliding off the racks, both virtually and practically, is easy. A sheer gloss polish can be built up to become more solid and goes with everything. Moreover, it’s simple to maintain and appears glossy without being overpowering.

    Earthy Tones

    Earthy Tones

    According to several brand surveys and Instagram status polls, subdued earthy colors are the hues consumers prefer. Grey, green, muted brown, and blue are colors of elements like fire, earth, and water. And an excellent thing about these colors is that they are more fun and enhanced neutral than everything.

    Artsy Yellow

    Artsy Yellow

    As yellow is one of the colors of the year, you can expect to find polishes of this artsy tone all over the place. Gold tones can be seen frequently, which is a variation of the yellow color. Moreover, some gorgeous and brilliant warm tones, like marigold, are also gaining popularity. While wearing yellow might be scary at first, it is a great hue to play around with, at least in your private space.

    Rose Gold

    Rose Gold

    Incorporate rose gold into the nail polish collection if you’re looking for a nail polish that will get you a lot of praises. Consider rose gold to be the cool elder sister of artsy yellow gold, fashioned from similar cloth but louder and more refined. Because rose gold has got a rich foundation, it complements a wide range of complexions.

    However, though rose gold works with almost everything, the tone is a far cry from neutral, so it is unlikely to blend in. Nonetheless, with summer parties on the horizon, you always have an excuse to go all out on your manicures. The best rose gold nail polish will make your fingers look the most photogenic.

  • How to Use Gelixir Soak off Nail Polish?

    Which is the best nail polish in the global market? The answer is the simplest truth. One that is of good quality, affordable and fun. The only nail polish that matches all the criteria is Gelixir soak off colors. Available in over 180 shades, it just gives you the best nail finish. It makes the application fun and smooth. It is the perfect nail lacquer that will give you the nails you’ve been dreaming about. Let us look at all of its advantages one by one.

    How to Use Gelixir Soak off Nail Polish?

    Why buy Gelixir soak off nail polish?

    The Gelixir nail polish is classy and gives you the instant fancy look. The Gelixir nail polish has an environmentally friendly composition that doesn’t harm the nails or the skin.

  • 7 Tips to Ensure Healthy Nails While Using Gel Polish

    Gel polish is one of the most beautiful manicures a woman can ever have. Though some women prefer traditional acrylic paint, and some go for the modern dipping powder manicures, nothing can beat the gel manicure. They can be long-lasting and beautiful. Simultaneously, they can also be tough on the nails because gel polish manicures cause brittleness, peeling and cracking. Using gel polish repeatedly increases your exposure to UV light. Thus, there is an imminent risk of skin cancer and premature aging. The best solution is to keep your nails healthy. The reputed dermatologists recommend that every woman should follow the tips listed below to get healthy nails.

    7 Tips to Ensure Healthy Nails While Using Gel Polish

    Tip No 1 – Always insist on using high-quality products

    Various cheap nail polish products are available on the market. They do more harm than good because of the toxic ingredients they contain. It is always better to opt for quality products like gel gelixir. These products can be expensive initially, but they take good care of your nails. There should be no compromise on health issues.

  • Top 5 Best Nail Tips to Use for 2020

    Top 5 Best Nail Tips to Use for 2020

    People often go to salons to get manicure and pedicure to keep their nails hygienic and look beautiful. Gel nail manicure is in trend nowadays. However, it does not dry in the natural light and needs UV nail lamps to cure them. The fungal infection caused in the nails must be treated instantly. Once it takes hold, the fungus grows underneath the nail, causing swelling or lifting of the nail to break it completely. A complete guide is complied with the top 5 best nail tips to give the salon treatment right at your home.

    SUNUV 48W LED Nail Dryer

    SUNUV 48W LED Nail Dryer

    Equipped with a smart sensor and painless schema design, SUN2C features four timer settings of 10s, the 30s, 60s, and 90s. It has an automatic sensing feature that works without pressing any key and works for 120s. With 33 pieces of LED beads, the long-lasting battery works for 50000 hours.

    This nail dryer is designed to cure nail polishes of all brands and has a vast space to cover five fingernails or toenails at a time. There is no need to replace the beads. The high power and fast-drying function make it the best UV nail lamp with a removable tray.

    DeepDream 110W Gel Nail Lamp

    DeepDream 110W Gel Nail Lamp

    DeepDream has engineered a UV nail lamp with 36 light beads that adopt advanced technology, the dual optical wavelength to work with all the polish brands. The long-lasting battery time of 50,000 hours makes it hassle-free to use uninterrupted.

    When you place your hands in the lamp, the infrared reduction automatically starts the lamp without pressing any key. You can separate the top and bottom parts, which makes it easy to clean and sanitize. This nail lamp allows you to place ten fingernails or toenails at a time without smudging the nail polish.

    EASKEP Faster Nail Dryer for Nail Polish

    EASKEP Faster Nail Dryer for Nail Polish

    With 110 W powers, the nail lamp dries the nails very quickly. Higher the power, the faster the nails dry. It has a built-in LED display that displays the drying time of nails. The timer can also be set for a particular time.

    An integrated smart sensor detects the fingers, and the lamp starts working automatically. The temperature protection protects our hands and gives a salon-like experience. Unlike others, the 36 pieces of LED lamps are evenly separated, and soft purple light does not harm your skin and nails.